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Stay Connected on the beach in Central America

Stay Connected While Traveling in Central America

When traveling to Central America it can be hard at times to stay in contact with family and friends back home. Of course you would like them to know what you guys have been up to and how you’re experiencing your trip. We will give you some tips on how you can stay connected while traveling in Central America and tell them all about the great Tulum ruins in Mexico, the hot springs in Costa Rica or Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast.

Stay connected through the Internet

It’s obvious that you’d like to stay connected through the Internet. Lots of public places offer WiFi connection, which is often free. You can find WiFi spots at malls, pools, bars, clubs, lounges and so on. Sometimes you have to pay a couple of bucks to connect to their WiFi (in your luxury hotels for example), but it is almost always cheaper than just using your phone subscription from back home. Phone carriers charge extra costs when you use Internet on your phone in another country.

Use a prepaid phone!

Sometimes the Internet at WiFi spots is very slow, because a lot of people are also using that connection. Some places don’t even have WiFi which makes it very hard to stay in touch with the people back home. Giving them a call and telling them all about your latest adventures sounds like a good option. Unfortunately phone carriers also charge extra costs when you call or text in another country. The alternative is using a prepaid phone. There are a lot of prepaid carriers that offer lower costs when calling internationally. You could also choose to buy a prepaid SIM card for a local carrier. Your prepaid credit can be recharged easily at You can do this ahead of your trip or during your trip, whenever you want!

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mexico mayan ruins

Best Resorts in Cancun for a Family of 5

Long-time readers of A Week at the Beach know that I love Mexico’s Riviera Maya for a family beach vacation. With plenty of flights from around the United States, miles of beautiful, white sand beaches, warm ocean water and a wide range of accommodation options, all families can plan a perfect beach getaway that meets their unique needs.

I’m often asked about the best accommodation options for families of five or more. While traditional hotel rooms may work for families of 4, when you have 5 or more people you simply need more space.

Here are the best resorts in Cancun for a Family of 5.

Grand Velas

Grand Velas is an excellent option for a family beach vacation. This luxury, all-inclusive resort is located about 35 minutes south of the international airport in Cancun, Mexico. Here you’ll find stunning groomed jungle gardens, numerous pools, and the soft white sand for which this Caribbean side of Mexico is rightly known.

Grand Velas Pool

Bonus for Families of 5: My friends at Olympus Tours love this property for families with older kids, as they have a fun “teen center.” This kids’ club for older children features games, snacks and music and a fun place for older kids to get away from parents, and little siblings!

Omni Hotel and Villas

If you’re traveling with young children, the Omni Hotel and Villas is an excellent option. Kids love the zero-entry pool and fun kids center and activities, and parents speak very highly of the on-site babysitting services.

best resorts in cancun for a family of 5

Dining options include nine restaurants, two snack bars and themed buffets at dinnertime, so every member of the family is sure to find something they like!

Bonus for families of 5: Be sure to book the three-bedroom villa for the most space for your family to spread out. You’ll find a complete kitchen on the first floor plus a dining room seating six, and a sunken living room with sliding glass doors leading to a spacious terrace offering direct access to the pools. The villa offers two king-sized beds and one room with twin beds.

Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort

The one- and two-bedroom villas on offer at the Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort feature separate living and sleeping areas, plus a balcony, full kitchen and washer/dryer. Why book a single hotel room when you can book a full villa!

best resorts in cancun for a family of 5

Shop at the resort’s on-site market if you need cooking ingredients, or choose from the resort’s many restaurants serving a variety of cuisine options. Between the kids club and programing for older kids, including daily beach volleyball, surfing lessons and more, kids of all ages will love it here.

Bonus for Family of Five: Book the two-bedroom villa for the most space plus an ocean view from your family’s private balcony. We love the Westin Heavenly® Beds in all rooms plus two separate indoor dining areas and a full kitchen.

Has your family of five booked a resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya? Were did you stay?

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ixtapa mexico family travel guide

Ixtapa Mexico Family Travel Guide

Thinking of heading for the tropics for the next big holiday vacay? Grab your beach towel and set up at Ixtapa, Mexico, where the crystal clear waters and dusty white beaches are just half of the charm.

This beach destination isn’t only great for kids—hello all inclusive beachside resorts—but this coastal hotspot is also chock full of the kinds of activities that make kids go gaga (like ziplining!).

ixtapa mexico family travel guide

So pack the bags and get the passports ready—you’re going ashore! Read on for everything you need to know about Ixtapa with kids in this Ixtapa Mexico Family Travel Guide.

Where To Stay in Ixtapa Mexico with Kids 

If you’ve spotted the blue umbrellas along the coast then you’ve noticed the Hotel Barcelo Beach Resort—and it’s worth taking a second look at. All-inclusive means great things like buffet breakfast, snacks in the cabana, and a kids club perfect for ages 5-12—which means you’ll get a little relax time at the U-Spa just for yourself.

ixtapa family travel guide

Azul Extapa is the kind of upscale family-friendly stay you’ve been looking for; complete with activities for you and the whole gang (they’ve got a family entertainment room, can anyone say ping pong tourney?) and their own beach access. They’ve also got three pools and a “nautical area” so you don’t even have to leave the resort for sailing, or my favorite, kayaking. Take the kids for a place where they can run around like the wildlings that they are, and you don’t have to worry!

For the bigger families—and I’m talking a lot bigger—the adjoining room features of the Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Beach Resort will really be an excellent perk for making sure everyone gets their own space while on holiday. Tack on their water slides at the pool, beach hut cabanas for taking a break from the sun on their private beach access, and their own kiddie playground area, and you’ve got the perfect place to stay with kids. You’ll never want to leave!

What To Do in Ixtapa Mexico with Kids 

If you’re not carving out time to explore the brilliant beaches of Ixtapa, you’ve already started out your trip wrong because the scuba and snorkeling on these pristine sands is unparalleled among the Central American coasts.

Plan to take a dive with Carlo Scuba—this is a stellar spot for scuba beginners, whether it be with advanced guided tours or resort dive tours for beginners, it’s a great place to bring the kids to see Nemo up close and personal. Head to their cafe, Chez Camille, after a day out on the surf; it’s a delicious way to end a day in the sun.

ixtapa mexico family travel guide

Want to take it back a step from deep sea diving and start with the tamer snorkel stuff? Head to Las Gatas; this beach is tame, with minimal waves (so perfect for little ones just getting their feet wet) and the reefs just off the shoreline are accessible without an oxygen tank. Spend the day marveling the wonders of a Mexican beach that’s just like the way the whole country used to be.

Have you had enough of the sand yet? Good, because horseback riding on the beach is definitely a must do for a romantic evening out—if you get the chance to. Playa Larga is the place where 4 hoofs are just as common as two feet, and it’s the kind of sunset daydream people dream about for years (or maybe I’m just talking about myself here). Grab the kids if they’re interested and take your phone—you’ll want to have proof that these magical moments really existed once you get back to the “Real World.”

If you’ve got a lot of little ones (at least 4 years and up) take them off of the beach for a day and into the shade of the jungle—for a day of ziplining! With tour times beginning as early as 8:30am and including a shuttle from your hotel to their beginning sit, this two and a half hour trek through the canopy will leave you windswept and carefree and the kids will get a chance to fly like a monkey without wrecking the hotel lobby.

At the end of the day, why not head out to sea for a sunset you’ll never forget? You can take a cruise on a Picante Cruiser where you can enjoy a cocktail and the kids can enjoy a snack. Don’t worry about anyone going overboard, you can grab a lifejacket on the way out and save yourself the headache before it even get a chance to start! Just make sure you get a video if someone heads in the waves unexpectedly to send to grandma—it’s the kind of thing that makes a vacation unforgettable.

ixtapa mexico family travel guide

And a word to the wise before you even head out of town—make sure you plan on ditching your global roaming for a local SIM card once your airplane touches down. Not only will a local SIM card mean saving money, you’re bars will be higher in more places because you’re using the local service rather than your home plan. All you have to do is grab the SIM card at the airport or a convenient store (most resorts will have them too), unlock your phone, and then get to scouting out your dinner destination—it’s super easy!

What To Eat in Ixtapa Mexico 

For a true cantina feel, nosh at Casa Morelos; they’ve got fish tacos to die for and you can grab a spot in the incredible atmosphere of the patio dining area. It’s a nicer spot to take the kids, but you can enjoy the glass a wine without the need to change out of your beach sundress and sandals. Just make sure you try the seafood—since 1996 they’ve been serving up some of the freshest dishes in the area. It’s not to be missed!

For your early morning coffee (extra strong) and something for the kids to munch on, pick a spot at the counter at Nueva Zelanda, where the pastries are fresh and the coconut milkshakes even fresher! For the past thirty years this restaurant has been serving up truly authentic fare, and their second, satellite restuarant in Ixtapa keeps up that tasty tradition; try an omelette, a banana split, or the fruit plate. They’re always great!  

Is that a grill you smell? Well if you’re anywhere near Ruben’s, then it’s definitely the smell of perfectly chargrilled burgers and zucchini drifting across your path and you better head over there to grab a table fast. It’s perfect for the picky eaters in your clan—they’ve got great french fries, and who ever said no to one of those?—but it’s also delicious for the more developed palates with their grilled sirloin and beer selection. Just don’t forget to try the coconut ice cream before picking up the check—it’s a local Ixtapa favorite!

For late night snacking just off the boulevard, grab a spot upstairs with a great view at La Fusion and order everyone a round of bacon wrapped shrimp. While you can let the kids take over the iPad, enjoy the live music and relaxed atmosphere with an order of mahi mahi or beef medallions—it’s a diner favorite and the view overlooking the busy street will help everyone wind down from a busy day.

ixtapa mexico family travel guide


Whether the kids are grown or in the potty-training phase, Ixtapa is a great location for taking a vacation the old way and really just chilling out—except when you’re taking a deep sea dive or swinging from the trees or trying to squeeze in line for a table at breakfast…actually, make sure you bring your A-game, because a trip to Ixtapa is a really big adventure. Have fun!

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Greenland on the Definitive Bucket List: A Top 20 Destination!

Majestic landscapes, a unique Arctic fauna and icebergs the size of skyscrapers. With 80% of the landscape covered in ice, the great Arctic wonder has made it to National Geographic Traveler’s Top 20 Best of The World.

Kirstine Dinesen – On behalf of WWW.GREENLAND.COM


The largest island in the world, also known as the great Arctic wonder, Greenland is often forgotten as a unique travel destination. However, each year the ice-covered country impresses thousands of tourists with its beautiful, white landscapes and its majestic icebergs rising from the gleaming surface. With a coast-to-coast ice cap as its claim to fame, Greenland has something that almost no other country in the world can boast of. Even National Geographic acknowledges the Arctic wonder by ranking the island as a top 20 must-see place of the world.

Northern Lights in Greenland

Northern Lights in Greenland

A Unique Adventure with the Big Arctic Five

Even though it does not seem so from the outside, the white island offers more than just snow and cold temperatures. Greenland holds a variety of Arctic adventures with a unique Greenlandic touch, where everybody from world travelers to winter sport enthusiasts can break away. The island offers a world of Arctic experiences with its five core attractions – also known as the Big Arctic Five, which includes dog sledding, northern lights, ice and snow, pioneering people and whales.

There is something uniquely special about experiencing Greenland’s majestic landscapes from the perspective of a dog sled while the breathtaking Greenland Ice Sheet goes as far as they eye can see. The enormous inland ice has become a sought-after spot for travelers in search of an unmistakable adventure, and there is no better way of experiencing it than feeling the Arctic breeze while dog sledding.

Dog Sledding in Greenland

Dog Sledding in Greenland

Under the surface of the dark ocean more fascinating experiences awaits. The cold water holds some of the world’s most beautiful animals from mighty killer whales to enormous walruses. The creatures are just a few of the core attractions the Arctic wonder has to offer, and all of them influenced National Geographic’s ranking of Greenland. Jonathan Irish, a National Geographic Photographer states: “Greenland is beyond amazing. I’ve always dreamed of seeing this mystical place and it exceeded all of my expectations. From the massive icebergs of the Ilulissat Icefjord to the sled dogs and seals, it really delivers an experience that is unique and special. Don’t hesitate….go now!”

A Melting Arctic Wonder

It’s true, no one should hesitate to visit the ice-covered country especially as warm temperatures heat the earth and pose a great danger to the amazing landscape of the Arctic island. Statistics show that the Greenland Ice Sheet is slowly disappearing, affecting everything from the unique Arctic fauna to the majestic landscape. Life underneath the surface of the arctic wonderland, is all tied together in a global, borderless ecosystem, affected by the huge changes in temperatures on land as well as under the surface of the dark ocean.

With these increasingly warm temperatures and the threat of climate change hanging over our heads, there is something deeply beautiful about an island covered in 80% ice. The amazing Greenland Ice Sheet is one of only two ice sheets in the world, and it has been present for almost 18 million years. Currently, the Greenland Ice Cap reaches a thickness of 3 kilometres and is visible from most towns in Greenland.

Visit Greenland

Visit Greenland

When you’re ready, the Official National Tourism Board, Visit Greenland, will be there to welcome you. CEO of Visit Greenland Anders Stenbakken stated, “It is a great honor to be a part of the travel magazine and to be selected as one of the World’s Best Destinations 2016… Greenland is now a destination where travelers can make their dreams come true.”

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hotel brunelleschi in florence

Elegant Family Oasis at the Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence

Dan Brown’s description of the Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence in his bestseller Inferno as “elegant” is simply the most perfect way to describe this iconic Italian hotel.

From breakfast in the beautifully-restored tower room to dinner outside in the hotel’s surprisingly calm, peaceful piazza, the Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence offers a classically elegant, purely Italian oasis away from the crowds yet nestled in the heart of the city.

Ideally Located near piazza della signoria

My friends who are residents of Florence have called this beautiful piazza their favorite. Home to the busy city government building, a charming merry go round and the setting of Ruth Orkin’s famous American Girl in Italy photograph, this is a beautiful place to hang out while enjoying a glass of wine or some traditional Italian gelato.

american girl in florence photo

This Piazza was named after the Palazzo della Signoria, also called Palazzo Vecchio. This government building is still the political hub of the city of Florence.  Expect to see plenty of Florentines and tourists alike hanging out here, as it’s also quite near to the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery.

Hotel Brunelleschi is just steps away from the excitement of this central point in Florence, yet an oasis of calm once you step into the hotel’s private piazza.

hotel brunalleschi in florence

Open the windows of your hotel room for a magical view of this beautiful Italian town from above. Look in one direction towards the hills that surround the town, and look the other way for views of the famed Duomo. It doesn’t get any better than this!

hotel brunelleschi in florence

The Best Family Suites in Florence 

After a massive renovation which took nearly a decade and combined three individual historic buildings, the Hotel Brunelleschi combines authentic details with modern touch. The rooms are decorated in calming grays and blues, with soaring ceilings, floor to ceiling drapes and lush towels and bathrobes.

hotel brunelleschi in florence

This décor carries through to the dining area on the second floor, where all guests can enjoy a lovely buffet breakfast complete with fruit, granola, meat, cheese and eggs. Guests staying on a suite package have the option to dine in the tower dining room from an a la carte menu.

hotel brunelleschi in florence

The first floor combines modern finishes with original stone work. The tower, adjacent to reception and home to a dining room today, is the oldest tower in all of Florence and dates back to the. Great care has been taken to preserve and incorporate this ancient structure.

The hotel has 3 family suites available. These suites connect two separate rooms with one main door, creating a suite with plenty of space suitable for a family of 4 or 5.

Each room includes a large wardrobe area complete with a mini-bar, coffee-making facilities and plenty of room to unpack. In addition to a large, super comfortable king sized bed, some rooms also have a separate sleeping area. Bathrooms are large and many include a shower plus bath tub.

If you will be traveling to Italy with children, or perhaps are visiting older children studying abroad (a big market for this hotel), and are keen to stay in the heart of Florence, the Hotel Brunelleschi is the place for you.

If you have a rental car, no problem. While much traffic is restricted in the city center, as a hotel guest you can drive to the hotel and take advantage of their valet service to store the car while you explore the city.

The Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence is an excellent choice for a luxury hotel in the center of Florence. 

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