Isla Mujeres Mexico

Renting a Golf Cart on Isla Mujeres

You can see the Cancun skyline from the island, but don’t be fooled, Isla Mujeres is nothing at all like bustling Cancun.

To get to Isla Mujeres, arrange an airport transfer for the Isla Mujeres Ferry Terminal (Puerto Juarez). This ferry goes every 30 minutes all day, and takes about 20 minutes to traverse the about 4 miles from the mainland to the Island.

You can literally feel your stress melting away as the ferry chugs over the island.

While there are other beaches on the island, Playa Norte is the main attraction. Playa Norte is perfect for kids because the beach stays quite shallow very far out, and it is super laid back (read: minimal party scene).


Within minutes of landing on the beach my 6 year old was off in full snorkel gear looking at fish and playing in the water, and it was perfectly safe.

But after a string of perfect beach days, we wanted to explore some of this intriguing island.

And as we quickly realized, the best way to do this was to rent a golf cart and explore. From the moment we set foot on the island, we were offered golf cart rental from a number of authorized rental companies surrounding the main pier, when walking to dinner along the main street, and from our hotel concierge.

How much is it to rent a golf cart on Isla Mujeres? The prices ranges from about $50 – $75 per day.

After comparing prices for a variety of Isla Mujeres Golf Cart Rentals, we decided to rent from our hotel’s concierge.

He arranged it all, we paid for it on our room and my husband rode over to the rental company with a hotel representative. Delivery of a golf cart to a hotel or vacation rental is not permitted by the office of Tourism and SINTRA (State Department for Infrastructure and Transports). Apparently, if a golf cart company is caught delivering carts directly to renters, they will be fined. So you have to go to them.

Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely must rent a golf cart while on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

#1. The breeze is nice. It gets a little steamy inland, away from the ocean breeze. If you want to explore, the open air, wind-in-your-hair benefit of the golf cart is the way to go.


#2. Stop by the turtle farm. The Isla Mujeres turtle farm is a cute stop to make as you cruise around on your golf cart. For only a few dollars entry fee, you can view a number of baby and juvenile turtles, along with a range of other sea creatures. This little turtle farm, funded by the nominal entrance fee and private donations, has released tens of thousands of young turtles and educated hundreds of local schoolchildren on the importance of turtle conservation.


#3. Wander around Punta Sur and the outdoor sculpture museum. At the very southern tip of Isla Mujeres you’ll find the Punta Sur Sculpture Garden. Full of unique sculpture and art and walkways winding down to the steep cliffs, here you can look out on awesome views of the ocean on one side and Cancun’s bay on the other. This is well worth a visit and your golf cart is the best way to get there!


#4. Cool down and refuel at a beach club. By this point in your day you’re going to be hot. At least we were. The Zama Beach Club appeared before us like an oasis in the desert. We thankfully arrived after the lunch rush, and while we grabbed a table the kids were running in the other direction directly into the welcoming, multi-level pool. There are a few nice beach clubs along the west side of the island, pick one and relax!


#5. Explore the city like a local. Tourists aren’t the only ones buzzing around on golf carts. You’ll learn it’s a preferred method of transportation for locals too. To really get a feel for the local community, a golf cart is your best bet.

Want more about travel in Mexico? Hop over to the main land and explore the charming and fun town of Playa del Carmen! Here’s how.

Have you been to Isla Mujeres? What else did you discover while carting around the island?


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