On the beach in Tulum

Hanging Solo at Azulik in Tulum Mexico

On my recent solo journey to Tulum Mexico to do yoga on the beach for a few days I jumped at the opportunity to experiment with accommodations as one way to push my boundaries. (After all, it’s no secret that I’m crazy about hotels of all shapes and sizes!) And Azulik Tulum was my first stop.

I’m all about trying new things. I love getting out of my comfort zone. However, as I get older for one reason or another I’ve found it’s more difficult to do so.

Why is it getting harder for me to push my boundaries?

One big reason is the fact that I’m a Mom. There are a number of people who rely on me for, well, everything! So yes, that makes me more risk-averse than I was in my youth.

So I built an itinerary that had me jumping from luxury all-inclusive to eco-chic boutique and back again.

I thought about this as I drove down to Tulum Mexico, heading closer to Belize and further away from the hustle of Cancun. I knew I was in for some of the world’s best beaches, a relaxed vibe and a slow pace for a few days.

But I was still in the dark on the hotel side. You see, boutique hotels are really hard to describe and marketed online. Photos either don’t do the place justice or oversell certain elements.

Anyway, I had no idea what to expect.

I arrived at Azulik, one of Tulum’s original eco-hotels, through a small car park off the main Hotel Zone road and walked into a quaint reception area. Like most things in Tulum, the hotel is constructed entirely out of thatch, wood and natural materials.

Upon arrival, I enjoyed some of the complimentary filtered water, served next to tea and coffee found all day at the cute little reception area.


Only a few quick steps from reception and I’d arrived at my cabana. Perched high on a rocky cliff looking down on the pale blue Caribbean waters below, I had a sense of privacy even though my neighbors are quite close and the walls consist of floor to ceiling windows slightly obscured by woven wood coverings.


Azulik isn’t one of those places you go to for creature comforts. You’re not here for the plush beds, walk-in waterfall shower or fine dining (there isn’t a restaurant on site). You’re here for this.


That’s right. At Azulik you’ll wake up with the sun in the morning and to see your toes just a few feet from the ocean.

Nothing in your way.

Oh, and this too. Here’s your good night view.


There is no Air Conditioning (or electricity at all for that matter) at Azulik, but because the rooms are perched high up above the water you have a perfect breeze to keep you cool at night. And Azulik is ideally located for a perfect week in Tulum.

Located near the “T” intersection that brings you from Tulum town down to the beach strip, simply hop on a bike and explore the area.

There is no restaurant on site, so you’ll have to venture out anyway to find food and drink. But that’s super easy to do, there are plenty of restaurants and bars in Tulum. Some even deliver to Azulik.

So if you’re up for an adventure, give Azulik Tulum a try!

And if you’re looking for cancun airport transportation down to Tulum, about a 2 hour drive, check out Transfers USA. They are super responsive, affordable, have very professional drivers and you can even book right online!

Have you been to a boutique hotel like Azulik Tulum before? Where? What was your experience? Do you like to get out of your comfort zone while traveling? Post-Signature Some or all of this trip was sponsored which may include travel and other costs. As always, opinions expressed are completely my own.

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