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Do You Need Travel Insurance?

I just needed one breath of fresh air.

After enduring well over an hour in the middle of a visa scrum, entering Tanzania at the Dar es Salaam airport, I could feel the sweat running down my neck. We marched out into the night.

While I usually love that first blast of smoke-filled air when I land anywhere in Africa, this night I didn’t pause to appreciate my new surroundings. I was tired and growing impatient.

My group piled into the van waiting to shuttle us to the hotel. It was hot and humid. We were tired. And of course the air conditioning wasn’t working. So we opened the windows as we slowly crept through the ever-present traffic of Dar es Salaam. Fumbling with my phone, I just needed to send one quick text home so my family knew I’d arrived safe and sound.

I leaned towards the window in a vain attempt to get some fresh air while I punched out a quick text. Without warning, his hand was inside the van and wrapped firmly around my phone.

“Hey?!” I exclaimed, not sure what was happening. I struggled for a few moments, not releasing my grip on the phone. But it was too late.

My phone was stolen in an instant. It probably was only a minute or two before the SIM card was discarded and the phone sold on the street, a nice little chunk of change in the pocket of the thief.

Dar es Salaam

Good thing I had travel insurance.

I sent an email to World Nomads, my travel insurance provider, immediately explaining what had happened which initiated the process of my insurance claim. I dug up a few receipts on my laptop, and then handed everything over to World Nomads for processing.

It was the first time I’d purchased travel insurance from World Nomads, a relatively new travel insurance company at the time, so wasn’t sure what to expect. But by the time I arrived home, I had a check for a new phone waiting for me. Easy as that.

I like World Nomads because purchasing a policy is easy and friendly. It’s as simple as searching for a quote online, setting up an account and purchasing the right policy for you. You can check in on details, extend or make changes to your policy all online.

Backed by reputable insurers and 24-hour assistance providers, in the unfortunate event you should need to file a travel insurance claim, it’s quick and easy.

Start by getting a quote on travel insurance by entering a few details into the box on the right. ———->

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