Top Solo Travel Destinations for Moms

I’m going to get to some great solo travel ideas. But first let me back up. My past 48 hours have been… interesting. One kiddo down with the flu (we ALMOST made it through the winter without it!) and the other in the ER last night needing stitches on his forehead after a tumble into a coffee table.

Mom Emergency Room

48 hours of healing. 48 hours of very little sleep. 48 hours of missed school. 48 hours of cuddle time on the couch. 48 hours of awesome friends and neighbors helping us out.

But while it’s been an intense 48 hours, it’s nothing remarkable. As parents we are handed days like this time and time again.

However, I’m taking it as a sign.

A few days ago, before this madness began, I sat down to write a post about my personal solo travel bucket list. And now more than ever, the past 48 hours have re-affirmed my whole mission for encouraging moms everywhere to travel more, and perhaps give solo travel a try.

By taking some time for yourself to explore, recharge and focus on your own health, you’ll be better able to meet the needs of your family and deal with tough spells with mindfulness and grace.

Mom Relaxing

So here is my bucket list for top solo travel destinations for Moms. 

Tulum, Mexico. As I finalize plans for my solo trip to Tulum, Mexico this May, I continue to learn about the plethora of yoga instructors and studios along their gorgeous beach strip of Tulum, Mexico. Also, there are a number of inexpensive hotels located directly on the beach.  I’m always more budget conscious when traveling solo, so this is a huge draw. Stay tuned for more in the coming months, as this destination will be scratched off my bucket list shortly!

Tulum Beach

Scottsdale, Arizona. For a quick getaway, Scottsdale can’t be beat. Warm weather, inexpensive flights from almost anywhere, and a number of world-class spas. Check out Pinnacle Peak for a morning hike. Then spend the afternoon at the spa or pool-side. Order in room service for dinner and catch up on TV or read a book. Absolute perfection. I’ve got my eye on the Four Seasons, Sanctuary Camelback Mountain and Canyon Suites at The Phoenician.

Canyon Suites Scottsdale

Photo Courtesy The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician.

Troncones, Mexico. Present Moment Retreat in Troncones, Mexico has been on my list for some time now. The owner, Tom, exudes warmth and welcomes yogis of all abilities to his boutique hotel near Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo. Getting there is easy from the U.S. and with a constant rotation of guest instructors, opportunity to get out and explore and perhaps link up with other solo travelers, this is a great option and one I’m going to be checking out next winter for sure.

Mexico Solo Travel

Photo courtesy Present Moment Retreat.

Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines. While getting to Bequia is perhaps a bit more difficult than other destinations on this solo travel bucket list, it’s worth the effort. Bequia has a cool and quirkly scene of locals and expats, which means it’s not too difficult to find someone to talk to when wandering down to a beach bar for a sunset drink. Very different from other Caribbean islands, you won’t find any big all inclusive resorts and that’s the reason why it appeals to me.

Caribbean Solo Travel

Photo courtesy Firefly Bequia.

Costa Rica. With so much to see here I couldn’t pick just one place. Traveling here solo with some flexibility in your itinerary is a good idea. Over the past few years Costa Rica has emerged as the safest and the happiest in the world. I had the opportunity to meet the U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica last year, and she was glowing about her time spent there.

In San Jose City, visit the impressive collection of museums and open-air markets. Journey to the beach or the jungle for relaxation or adventure, whatever you prefer. Costa Rica is an affordable tropical destination without hoards of travelers, making it a perfect destination for solo travels.

Have you taken a solo journey? What destinations do you think are best for solo travel? 



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  • Phoebe Thomas

    Since becoming a mum I haven’t travelled solo but I do make time for weekends away with friends, husband or other family members (sister for example). But before kids I travelled a lot alone. Two of my favourite trips were Cambodia and Bali. Your list sounds heavenly to me but being based in France thay are all rather far away for now! I can dream…#TravelTuesday

    • Thanks Phoebe! Both Cambodia and Bali are on my list, hoping to make them a family trip in a few years. You just gave me an idea to do a similar post but more European focused, adding that to the Ed Cal now:)

  • This is great! Thanks for linking up with Travel Tuesday this last week! I’m like Phoebe and do love a mom’s getaway, but I’ve not done it by myself before. I thrive on being with people and find it to be so much fun. I do find it HIGHLY important as a mom to have getaways to refresh and rejuvenate!

    • Absolutely! Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to my first solo adventure in May. I’m also super social and thrive on being with people, but also looking forward to being on my own. So, we’ll see! Love being part of Travel Tuesday!

  • Brittney

    This will be my first time…I am nervous! But in so much need of me time! I have 4 amazing kids! I have recently separated from a horrible relationship of 5 years. Plus just broke it off with an amazing man because I am not sure of what I want in life. I miss him dearly but I know in my heart of hearts that I need to gain my clarity. Plus we were very different. Enough about that. Where should I go first. I want to leave May 9 th and be back by May 12th… I really want to go to the beach 🙂

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, but sounds like you’re in a much better place now! Taking a few days to get away and focus on yourself sounds like a good idea. I’m writing right now about the adults-only Secrets Resorts in Mexico, have a look here!

      When It travel without my kids the last thing I want to see are kids running around all the time:) Secrets could be a perfect, easy getaway!

      If you’re into Yoga, also check out Present Moment Retreat near Ixtapa: