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My first solo journey to Mexico.

Follow along as I plan for a solo travel adventure in May to Tulum, Mexico. This will be my first time traveling to the destination as a solo female traveler.

I love traveling. I love the beach. And I love yoga. So as you can imagine, I cannot wait to be joining this yoga retreat in Tulum in May.

But as I think about planning for the trip, one thing is very, very different than when I’ve gone before. I’m going solo.

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Now, I’m not new to solo travel at all. In fact, I’ve spent the last 15 years traveling solo across Africa.

I’ve been on my own in places like Malawi, Zimbabwe (during a very challenging time for the country in 2006), Mozambique and South Africa. And it’s been all good. Really. Not even an incident.

Maybe it’s my age (I was largely in my 20’s during my most adventurous African travel days) but in the way back of my head right now there is a twinge of nervousness about this upcoming solo adventure.

The good news is that there is no shortage of information out there for solo female travelers. Check out these blogs written by solo female travelers like myself; not really a budget traveler, certainly not a backpacker, but cost-conscious solo female traveler looking to pack as much awesomeness into a few days as possible.

As I prepare for this solo sojourn to Mexico, here are just a few of the blogs I’ll be reading to help me prepare.

Career Girl Travels. I love their take on travel; squeezing in equal parts adventure and “me time”.

Twenty-somethig travel. Her latest post is titled “Let’s talk about safety in Mexico.” Enough said.

Solo Friendly. PACKED with great solo female travel content. I have not even scratched the surface.

A Little Adrift. Her honest post about solo female travel safety caught my attention, and there is much, much more worth exploring here too.

What else should I be reading over these next few moths leading up to my solo adventure?

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  • Our roles are reversed! I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Mexico and Central America and next week I head to Africa for the first time and am more nervous than I have been for other places! Safe and happy travels, I hope you have an amazing trip. 🙂

    • A Week at the Beach

      Hey Shannon, where are you headed to in Africa? I’d be more than happy to help in any way. I know lots of people all over East and Southern Africa. I look forward to following your adventures there as well! Thanks for stopping by and safe travels!

      • I am starting in South Africa and leaving four months later from Kenya, so most places in between! And let me know if I can help with your planning at all. 🙂

        • Fantastic! Have spent the bulk of my time traveling in Kenya. I’d be happy to make some intros for you if you’re looking to pitch any local hotels or operators, I know a few do work with bloggers regularly.

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